What is a field force?
Field force - a force that is acting on an object without direct contact.

The different kind of field forces include: gravitational force, electrical force, and magnetic force.

Gravitaional force, or gravity, - the force with which the earth, moon, or other massively large object attracts another object towards itself. Basically, this is the weight of the object. All objects upon earth experience a force of gravity that is directed "downward" towards the center of the earth. Ex. If you set your book on a table, there is an obvious contact force between the book and the table. But there is also a not so obvious field force between the book and Earth's gravity. The force of the table and the force of Earth's gravity cancel each other out which causes the book to be motionless.

Electric force - the attractive or repulsive interaction between any two charged objects. Ex. If there is a negatively charged atom, it is attracted to something that will balance it out, such as a positively charged atom. If there are two negatively charged atoms, they will repel from each other. The same would be for two positively charged atoms.

Magnetic force - the force exerted between magnetic poles, creating magnetization. Ex. Have you ever taken two magnets and tried to force the "same charged" sides together? It's hard to do. They don't like to put their negative sides by other negative sides and vice versa. This is very similar to electric force, except the force is magnetic instead of charged.


By: Tawnie DeJong and Tomilyn Trask